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Adalat means justice in 18 languages and reflects our most important goal: that everyone should be treated fairly when facing the justice system. We fight for equality and respect across cultures – with focus on you being understood and heard

Adalat Advokatfirma is your independent legal partner against the authorities.

What does Adalat do?

Protects your rights.

Adalat has extensive experience in many legal fields – and especially in cases where you or your family stand alone against the government. In addition, we offer legal assistance to resolve cases between ordinary people. Adalat takes everything from small cases where you have been treated unfairly by NAV, to cases where you get child protective services (barnevernet) into your home.

Who is your lawyer?

Lawyer Lars Mathias Undheim

Adalat Advokatfirma is represented by lawyer Lars Mathias Undheim. Lawyer Undheim is independent of both state authorities and private organizations. As a lawyer, this is crucial in order to give you the best defense possible.

Lawyer Undheim will fight your case with you – from start to finish.

Lawyer Undheim is cares about justice, respect and equality. When you seek help from Undheim, you can be assured that the information you provide will be kept private and that you will be taken care of in a safe and understandable way.

Whether you are arrested by the police, child protection services comes knocking on your door, or you are being treated unfairly in the system, lawyer Undheim is always just a phonecall away!

Are you going to you seek compensation for violence?
Have you been charged by the police in a criminal case?

In many cases you will have the right to free legal aid. Contact us if you have any questions or need more information about free legal aid. To read more about this Click here

If you do not meet the criteria to receive free legal aid, Adalat will in some cases offer fixed prices. Click here to read more about fixed prices

Adalat has a large network and collaborates with a number of interpreters. In cases regarding free legal aid, we ensure that you will get the best interpreters for free. If you want a special interpreter, we will arrange it for you.

What can Adalat do for you?

Case with the police

Adalat has extensive experience with criminal cases and assists with defense in all cases that you, your family or relatives have with the police – from being a suspect and until the case is closed.

Child protective services (Barnevernet)

Adalat provides you and your family with the best legal assistance when child protective services (barnevernet) wants to intervene in your life. Adalat provides assistance in cases of emergency decisions, care orders, revocation of care order (returning the child) and forced adoption.

Case with the UDI or UNE

Adalat will help you and your family get reunited and fight against you or your family members being sent out of Norway. Undheim also helps in all other cases where people want to come to Norway, for example to work or as refugees.

Case against employer

If you have been laid off from your workplace or disagree with your employer about salary or vacation pay, Adalat can help you. Lawyer Undheim can assist you in consultations prior to being laid off (“drøftelsesmøte”), meetings for negotiations (“forhandlingsmøte”) after being laid off and in court.

Case against NAV

Adalat will help oppose NAV’s decision and will pursue your case with NAV to have it dealt with in the system. Undheim helps with issues such as sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, disability pension, child support, parental benefit and much more.

Divorce cases

Adalat has a lot of experience in cases where parents do not agree on how much they should see their children and who should take care of the children. Lawyer Undheim will advise you on how to best handle the situation so that you look after both yourself and your child in the process.

Compensation claims

Adalat helps you get the compensation you are entitled to if you have been charged or prosecuted in a case and later acquitted. Adalat can also help you seek compensation if you have been subjected to a criminal offense and seek victim compensation. Adalat will also help if you have a claim against an insurance company after an accident.

Involuntary psychiatric hospitalization

Adalat is against the illegimate use of force. Lawyer Undheim helps with cases before the supervisory commission (kontrollkommisjonen), the courts and the county governor (“Fylkesmannen”) and will always do what he can to get an incorrect decision on psychiatric hospitalization overturned.


Adalat helps you with all kinds of contracts. It can be disputes regarding rent where you are in risk of being evicted out of your home or disagreements around buying services and goods. Adalat ensures that your rights are respected and you receive fair treatment all the way.

Other public decisions

Adalat also offers legal advice if you have to appeal other public decisions or apply for a permit. This can be anything from an application for adoption to an application to become a guardian or a decision where you do not get a passport, or it is decided that you will not get a driver’s license, your dog is relocated or where the public otherwise restricts your freedom. Contact us if you need help applying for a benefit or want to appeal a refusal.